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 Providing 5G-Access, 5G-Core & Xhaul Technologies in combination with SDN/NFV/MEC Service Platforms at a single location NOW

 There is no doubt that the vibrant start-up City of Berlin, the capital of Germany, offers the right societal environment to prototype most of the relevant envisaged 5G application domains to pave the way for the Gigabit Society. 5G Berlin contributes to the global 5G research arena in accordance with the European Union's 5G Manifesto by providing a unique location in Germany in which the latest of all relevant 5G related access, core, xhaul, and software technologies and corresponding expertise are available and integrated, allowing researchers from academia and industry to interact across disciplinary borders and test the most innovative technologies, system components and applications in a real world setup. 5G Berlin is designed as an open extensible environment: it allows various technology partners and application providers to join this initiative committed to develop and test innovative 5G infrastructures, products, and applications.

 Based on the extensive know-how assembled within the provision of pioneering 3G and 4G related testbeds in the last decade, Fraunhofer FOKUS and HHI are globally recognized independent research organizations able to manage such an open innovative testbed infrastructure and to unite the different envisaged stakeholders of emerging 5G value chains.

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